Save 25% off my commission

Surf & Vine Realty offers 25% off buyer commission. There are very few details, listed below.

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  1. You need to be my client. Reach out to us sooner rather than later to establish that relationship. We use buyer-broker agreements both to create a relationship that you are free to terminate, and because banks want documentation of the closing credit in writing.
  2. 25% off my commission, which is generally 2.5% after the other agent receives their half of the typical 5% total commission for local real estate transactions (land, for example, can be 3% each side). The only restriction to this offer, is that my minimum commission is 1.5%. Very rarely, a lender might have restrictions on how much of a credit I can give, in which I will give you as much as I can, but it could be less than the full 25% off.
  3. I can’t hand you cash, by law, but I can offer you a closing credit. So that is how you are getting paid if you are the buyer.
  4. If I am paying for inspections or other items as we agree upon, those are included in this 25% back, so will be deducted from your closing credit by the escrow officer.

In brief, That is usually about $6250 savings per 1 million.

I have an inexpensive named broker who works for me, and I am also being bullish in passing on a bit more than my typical commission with another broker, to you. The reason for this is simple: It is the cheapest advertising I can buy since I am sure you will get the word out, and it is going to make you happy. Contact us for more information.