Seller information

As a seller, your primary concern is maximizing the sale price of your home. This is accomplished by an extremely aggressive marketing and sales plan, together with the precision and intuition of many years of experience. We spend large amounts of money on a multifaceted marketing, positioning, and exposure plan that costs us a larger percentage of our commission than any potential discount. To provide this quality of service, Surf & Vine Realty does not offer 25% off commission to sellers.

Although all agents have a basic marketing plan, and will integrate some of the items we include in our property promotion at some level, we believe we are more aggressive, more precise, and more complete in our approach than all others. From luxury estate to humble cottage, we believe we are able to reach and attract more people, and more qualified buyers, than anybody else.

With our years of experience and background of home and business relations, as well as home inspections, once we reach prospective buyers we believe we can better highlight the strong points and responsibly mitigate the weak points of any listing. From initial consultation to closing, we work professionally and efficiently to maximize your returns.

The best way to learn about our sales offering is in a seller presentation – no strings attached of course. However, one point of emphasis we want you to know already: When you hire us to sell your house, you are hiring professionals to perform a service, not put on a show. We keep our egos out of it, focus on your house, and work very hard behind the scenes to make sure you receive maximum value.

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