Moving Checklist

Surf & Vine Realty Moving Checklist

Physically moving is hard work too.

Two Months Before

Sort & Purge     start to donate/sell what you don’t want to bring to your new home. Decide if any items need special packing, or extra insurance during your move.

Research     Start to get on-site estimate for the cost of your move from moving companies.

Create A Moving Binder     Use this to keep track of verything (estimates, receipts, inventory list of what you’re moving).

Organize School Records     Get your children’s records from their school to be tranferred to their new school (if applicable).

Six Weeks Before

Order Supplies     Order boxes, tapes, bubble wrap, permanent markers, and any specialty container.

User it or lose it     Start to use food in your pantry, and fridge and freezer so you aren’t moving much on the day.

Take Measurements     Do a re-visit to your new home and take measurements of every room and hallway, make sure your current furniture will fit (not only in the new room space,but also through doorways, hallways or stairwells). I can help with a virtual floor plan including measurements, if the seller’s agent has not provided one.

One Month Before

Confirm Moving Arrangements     Finalize the date, pay the deposit,etc.

Begin Packing     Start by packing your least used items, and over the coming weeks move to more frequently used items.

Label everything     Be very clear if there are fragile items in certain boxes, we also recommend labeling by room so movers know exactly where to put the new boxes

Separate Valuables     Keep jewelry and expensive electronics separate, and personally transport these to your new home. Don’t use the movers.

Change of Address     Set up a change of address with USPS for mail forwarding.

Change of Address     Banks, brokerage firms, doctor’s offices, employer, magazine subscriptions, newspapers, credit cards, insurance, utilities, trash service, etc.

Hauling     You might decide you want a dumpster or a hauling company for the move. It takes some time to arrive.

Two weeks before

Arrange to be off work on moving day     At the very least you should take your closing day off work so you can be at your closing appointment and get your keys. You may also wish to take a few days before and a few days after the move off work as well, for packing/unpacking of high priority items.

Contact the moving company     Reconfirm everything with the moving company.

One Week Before

Pack your Suitcase     Aim to pack a week or two of clothing and toiletries for each family member, so you don’t have to be so rushed once you move.

A Few Days Before

Defrost the Freezer     If your refrigerator is coming with you, make sure it is empty, clean and defrost it at least 24 hours before moving day. If the refrigerator is staying with your existing home, make sure it is empty and clean.

Double-check the Details     Re-confirm the moving company’s arrival time, and make sure they have your cell phone number for an easy contact point.

Moving Day

Verify     Make sure when the movers arrive, the company is delivering on what they promised.

Take Inventory     Before the movers leave, make sure you have done a full inventory check, and ensure every thing has in fact been delivered.

The Week after You Move

Changing your ID     If you haven’t completed this already, finish off your Address Change Checklist to ensure everyone(ID’s, Doctors, Banks, Employers, etc.) has your proper information on file.

Services     You might decide you want a landscaping service or other service at your new home.

Download this list as pdf