About Seth

A brief bio

I am an agent, certified home inspector now focusing on energy audits and efficiency, and real estate investor. Born and raised in the Petaluma / Penngrove area, I have seen the long and short term trends of our north bay area. I strongly believe that home and real estate ownership is one of the most important financial pillars of living a prosperous life.

If you are interested in purchasing, I can help you think about your financial opportunities, the places you would like to live or invest, and when the time comes, to interpret your home inspector’s comments and reports. Homes in our area are expensive, but there are homes of great value. That is what we will seek together.

If you are interested in listing, I can help you evaluate your home, its market strengths and weaknesses, and decide what steps you want to take to maximize its market value. When offers come in, we will work together to judge which offer best fits your interests in the transaction. We will be looking for a smooth, clean escrow without surprises.

My wife is Albanian, my first daughter was born in Rome (we still speak Italian at home), and I have lived, worked, and studied around the world. I have lived with many peoples from around the world, and consider human beings to be the greatest treasure on earth.